GuncSamples is a boutique music library of ANALOG samples

Created by a collective of Musicians, Engineers and Sound designers


Committed to bridging rich, traditional sound with the highest quality, our samples are carefully crafted with REAL instruments, Synths, and Drum Machines, while using prime studio gear.
We work with ANALOG sounds and Outboard gear (rather than VST's and Plugins), which are then mixed on a world-class API 2448 Console and mastered on a reel-to-reel tape recorder.
The aftermath? Samples that have that warm, old-school vinyl feel but sound fresh and immaculately recorded!
GuncSamples's library is for producers and beatmakers of all genres and is available is with no Clearance issues!


Sample clearance:

No sample Clearance issues here  at GUNC!
It simply works like this:
If you include GUNC samples in music that will be published on non-major label platforms, you can use them freely and with no hassles.
For example, you can upload onto Soundcloud, sell your beat on Beatstar, include on your mixtape, etc. without any restrictions.
However, if you use any GUNC samples in music that is affiliated with major labels, you will have to split publishing, royalties, mechanicals, and points & advance fees with GUNC.
You must also mention GUNC in Production (or Co-Production) credits.
Resulting in not doing so may lead to legal complications.
Please contact us at for any further questions.