Why does our drum kit sound different?

Drum breaks, there are so many of them out there, right?

GUNC's Drum Loops Vol.1 is a project which tries to revive what some people refer to as the “Big Beat” sound, these raw, organic drum sounds we all love from old records.
It is a hustle trying to capture this time capsule signature beat.
It requires lots of strategies, mic placements, pre and post tape arrangements, etc..
Through trail and error we reached the shape and feel.
With Wu Tang Clan’s first album legendary drum sound in mind, the project aims to chase after those illusive, gritty, primal and mystique drum sounds. Behind every one of our drum breaks there is a thought about creating an identity, which is sometimes crucial to kickstart a track, yet, we also tried to leave enough space for further manipulations to be made by producers.